Audiograbber and Streamripper

Yesterday I downloaded 2 free software from the Internet, both are audio software. I download Audiograbber it’s a CD Ripper software and Streamripper it’s a plugin for Winamp. I already try it and very satisfied with those software on My first use, so here is My review for Audiograbber and Streamripper:

Audiograbber is a CD ripping software, it’s light, easy to use and best of all it’s free! Although I’m a little bit dislike it’s GUI but it’s functionality pays this downside. When You insert an audio CD, Audiograbber will automaticly lists all tracks on CD and if You are connected to the Internet it will try to query Freedb database to get songs title and album name, so You don’t need to rename all files manually. Audiograbber can convert from audio CD to wave and mp3 files. Audiograbber still have more functions that You can configure.

Oh yeah.. with it’s default mp3 encoder You can only rip to 56Kbit rate mp3 files. You need to download a plugin called LAME so You can rip to mp3 files with bit rate higher than 56Kbit.

Streamripper is the second software I downloaded, it’s a WinAmp plugin that have function to rip songs from Internet Radio. Because I like to listen on Jazz Internet Radio so I want to save the song to be listened later on, and with this software My need is fulfilled. Streamripper works like charm :D it does saving the songs I listen on the streaming radio and save it to mp3 files. Streamripper can also get the artist and song title and save each song on a single file.

You can download both software for free from


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