Broken Notebook’s Keyboard

Three days ago when I turn on My Notebook Compaq Presario V2000 I heard a long ‘biiip..’ sound, it’s very strange as it never happen before. It’s sound like the memory module are not pluged in correctly but I also suspect that there is something wrong with the keyboard as My notebook had a problem with ‘J’ key some times ago but suddenly it never happen again, so I thought it’s already fixed.

When the MS Windows already loaded I open notepad and try to type each key on the keyboard to check whether the ‘J’ key is broken again, but it’s not, the ‘J’ key is still working but the ‘]’ key is :( the problem is moving to another key i guess.

I tried to contact HP online support to ask about this problem, after having a chat session with one of technical support, He suggest Me to try unplug the memory module and re-plug it again to fix the ‘biiip..’ problem when the notebook is turned on. But for the keyboard I still didn’t get any solution.

I guess I need to go to the service center to check the keyboard and replace it if needed. One doubt is that the keyboard module price is quite expensive, got some information from computer store that it’s price ranges between Rp. 900.000,- which is alot of money for Me.


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