Disassembling Notebook’s Keyboard

Because My notebook having problem recently and I suspect that it’s keyboard that causing the problem, I decided to try disassembling and try to do some cleaning. I hope with some cleaning it will work again.

The problem start when I turn on My notebook, it will produce a ‘biiipp..’ sound and slow booting. When the Microsoft Windows started, I open Notepad application and try to type all the characters. I found out that the ‘]’ key doesn’t work.

Today I bring My notebook to the office as I don’t have any screwdriver at My boarding house. I already print the guidelines to disassamble the keyboard from HP – Hewlet Packard – Website. It seems so easy if I read the guidelines as it’s not much steps to be done to disassamble the keyboard, but I have difficulty when trying to open the notebook casing.

Notebook without keyboard

I tried several times to open the casing and at last I managed it. After that I test My notebook by unplug the keyboard wire from the motherboard and turn on My notebook. Everything went smooth. I plug in an USB keyboard and I can type all characters. I test several times by turn off the notebook and turn it on again, everything work well if I unplug the notebook’s keyboard.

Now I’m sure that the keyboard is broken. Damn! that thing will cost Me 1,1 million Rupiah :(( For the time being I unplug the notebook keyboard and use external USB keyboard.

Notebook keyboard module


5 thoughts on “Disassembling Notebook’s Keyboard”

  1. Tania, kalo udah habisin 1,1 jt ya enggak pakai keyboard USB lagi, kan udah diganti modul keyboardnya :D

    sebenernya enggak repot selama enggak mobile. repotnya kalo mesti pergi-pergi dan bawa notebook.

  2. O ya ada 1 kata yang kelewat ga saya baca, yaitu ‘will’, jadi kirain USB keyboard itu yg sampe 1,1 juta (waduh, kok bisa2nya saya mikir keyboard USB harganya semahal itu yah?? lg error deh waktu itu… :( )

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