Miami Vice

Yesterday I went to Cilandak Town Square – most people call it Citos – to meet My friend and His family. I know His family very well and We already being a best friend since high school. His brother – which My friend also – just returned from studying in Netherlands.

We had a lunch together in Chopstick restaurant, it’s food quite delicious although the place is so small. After having lunch We then go to Pondok Indah Mall to walk arround and spend the time. Because fashion is My friend’s father business, His father like to go inside the fashion shop in Pondok Indah Mall.

Because We don’t know what to do next, then I and My friend suggest to watch a new movie “Miami Vice”. I know Miami Vice is a famous TV series in the 80’s and now Hollywood make the movie. As We don’t know any synopsis of the movie so We still guessing what is the main story about.

The main story is drug dealer things.. and the main detective Sonny and Ricardo are sent to catch the drug dealer. The move story is so slow and boring.. also.. this movie is the most heinous movie that I ever saw – as far as I remember – While other movie usually only show a guy pointing hand gun then all went black and/or You just hear the ‘bang’ and suddenly there is a dead body with hole on His head. In Miami Vice You will watch people shooting/get shot in the head. It show all the prosess from a guy pointing the weapon, triger the hand gun, a hole in the head, blood spread all over the place and the dead body laying down the floor, it’s very nasty. I hear some girls that start to crying because the violence They watch.

For Me, it’s not a really good movie, alot of violence and sexual scene in it. I don’t recommend You to watch this movie, just save Your bucks or watch other movie.


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