New Notebook Keyboard Implant

Just arrived at the office. This evening at 16.00 I went to Harco Mangga Dua to buy the second hand keyboard. I arrived there at 17.30 which I already predict that it will took 1,5 hours based on last Saturday when I went there for the first time.

I called the shop at 15.55 to confirm that I’ll buy that keyboard. Before I call the shop, first I make a phone call to Compaq distributor in Jakarta to ask for new keyboard price. Actually the new keyboard will cost Me Rp. 700.000,- said the customer service, but what make Me dissapointed is that I must wait for 1 month until I can get a new keyboard :(

Because I can’t wait that long, as I use My notebook for daily work, so I make decision to buy the second hand keyboard. The second hand keyboard cost Me Rp. 350.000,- which is 50% of new keyboard. The physic of the keyboard is good and when it’s installed on My notebook it’s work perfectly although I can’t test the “Pause” key near the “Backspace” key. Do You know what application that can use the pause key? I tried to play a music in Windows Media Player and playing games but it seems that the pause key doesn’t pause the music nor the games when I press on it.

Another bad experience using busway happened to Me again when I went home. The busway is always fully loaded :( and the worst is when I wait in Sawah Besar terminal. I was wait for more than 30 minutes for a bus that goes to Jelambar terminal X( there is more than 10 buses that goes to Stasiun Kota already passed Sawah Besar and no single bus that goes to Jelambar arrived!

It was very very long waiting until the terminal is full of people! thats make the terminal very very crowded until I can’t move. Because the terminal is very full some busway that goes to Stasiun Kota skip Sawah Besar terminal. At last there is one busway that goes to Jelambar. The time shows 19.30 when I arrived in Jelambar terminal. I had a dinner at Mc Donald in Citra Land mall and then go back to the office to turn off My notebook – the one from QnAp – that I left it turned on because I was downloading a software.

I’m so tired..


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