Picking Up Meneer Johan from QnAp iT

Yesterday evening at 16:45 I went to the Sukarno-Hatta airport together with Liza to pick up Johan Notenboom that come from the Netherland. At first We thought that He will need some time to do the paper work on imigration, baggage claim, etc. so We went to the airport on the same time with the flight departure time so We don’t need to wait Johan :D We predict it will need about 1 hour, but We was wrong..

We forgot about the traffic jam on the toll way – unbelieveable isn’t it? it’s a toll way and still there is a traffic jam! X( - when the taxi We ride enter the international airport I received a sms from Johan that said He already in the airport :D sorry Meneer We are late :p

After holding pee on the way to the airport :)) Liza just run to the toilet when We arrived to the airport. Didn’t want to make Johan wait a little longer We decided to split up, Liza go to toilet and I go seek for Johan. It’s not difficult to find Johan, even when I look His back :D tall guy, blond hair, missing in airport sindrome :)) hehe.. I watch You back Johan!

I say “Hi, Johan!” and He look back and put a big ‘toothpaste advertising’ smile to Me just like this :D hehe.. Then We ride taxi to go to Ronny’s house in Kedoya. We had a dinner there and talk for an hour or so.. as I don’t want to make Johan more tired – He surely need some good sleep – and the time shows 21:00, I don’t want to be lock up because My boarding house gate usually locked between 22.00 – 23.00 and Liza’s house is quite far and I don’t want Her back home too late, it’s dangerous especially for girls to take taxi in late night. I hope She will just fine and back home safe.

Welcome to Jakarta Johan! The city of ‘macet’!


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