Pirates of Caribbean

Last night I went to the cinema with several boys and girls from QnAp Asia. We leaving the office around 18.00 and arrived at Taman Anggrek mall around 18:15.

Because several boys and girls didn’t have a dinner yet so We go to a Japanese restourant inside Taman Anggrek mall. I already had dinner so I went out to watch peoples playing ice skating on the ice rink. It’s quite few people that play ice skating at first, I think there is some ice skating class going as the students are dancing with music.

The movie started at 20.00 and We was late because when We enter the cinema, the movie already playing :( The movie is Pirates of Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, it’s a movie about a pirate called Captain Jack Sparrow. Pirates of Caribbean is a funny movie - especially Jack Sparrow – and a good movie too.

I’m quite like the movie and now I’m waiting for the next episode as the end of the movie leaving an unclear ending. I think the movie maker wants to make a trilogy of Pirates of Caribbean.


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