Ride Busway to Watch Superman Returns

Yesterday I went to Pondok Indah Mall to watch Superman Returns movie together with Willy Suryajaya, Willy’s girlfriend: Jenny and I also invite Johan Notenboom too. I also invite Ki and Diana but They didn’t show up.

As Pondok Indah Mall is far from My place, it will be expensive if I go there using taxi. I decided to go there by busway as it’s cheaper. Yesterday also My second time ride busway in Jakarta but it’s My very first time to ride ‘angkot’ and ‘metro mini’ bus :D

Ok, this is how I go to Pondok Indah Mall by public transportation other than taxi:

  1. From Tanjung Duren, I need to go to the nearest busway stop which is located in front of Citraland Mall. To go to Citraland I use ‘angkot’ B14 – angkot is the term for public transportation that has the route in small streets -. B14 stops near Citraland and I need to walk for 10 minutes to the busway stop. B14 will cost You Rp. 2000,-
  2. From busway stop infront of Citraland mall I go to ‘Sawah Besar’ stop. On this route You will pass by Gajah Mada Plaza, so if You want to go there You can use busway too. The busway ticket will cost You Rp. 3500,-
  3. From Sawah Besar Stop then I change to busway that goes to Blok M. The good thing is, as long as I didn’t exit the busway stop, I didn’t need to pay again :). Actually You can have a city sight seeing for only Rp. 3500,- just remember to bring snacks and drinks because the busway stop is not air conditioned and don’t go out from the busway stop or You’ll need to pay again, but it’s cheap after all :)
    The route from Sawah Besar to Blok M will pass Plasa Semanggi and Ratu Plaza mall, which near Ratu Plaza there is Plasa Senayan and Senayan City.
  4. In Blok M the busway stops at Bus terminal, from there I ride metro mini route 72 that will take Me in front of Pondok Indah Mall. The metro mini will cost You Rp. 2000,-

Total cost to go to Pondok Indah Mall are only Rp. 7500,- B-) compared with taxi which will cost around Rp. 50.000,- that is very cheap.

My appointment with My friends is at 13.00, We meet in the cinema. As Willy and Jenny didn’t know Johan so I introduced Him to Willy and Jenny. We had a small talk for a couple of minutes before the movie is starting.

Superman Returns is quite good movie. I like the special FX when Superman fly, it’s getting more and more realistic. Also there is a scene in the movie that Superman fly to the space, stop there and see the planet earth while listening sounds of people asking help all around the world. Superman now can fly faster than the speed of light so He can help peoples arround the world not only in Metropolis. On some scenes You will hear ‘sonic boom’ when Superman fly very fast.

I have some negative reviews for Superman Returns, I think it’s lack of action or it’s just Me that not satisfied and wants more :D also the actress that act as Lois Lane is not pretty :p. The main strory is almost the same with Superman II which I saw it on TV last night. I don’t know whether Superman Returns is continuing the old Superman movie or not..


5 thoughts on “Ride Busway to Watch Superman Returns”

  1. Eventhough transport is not expensive compared to prices here I like to travel like you do :) – in case I won’t be carrying around a lot of lugage. You forgot to mention the time it took you to get from A to B and give an indication on how likely it is that next time you would take about as long (I know, me and my western mindset..)

    Tomorrow I will pack my bag and buy your chocolate. I should think about how to bring it without it melting and pooring all over my backpack ;) My friend yesterday (she spend half a year in Bandung, interning in a hospital) told me too that Dutch chocolate is better than Indo chocolate, I will have to try for myself :)

  2. I forgot to mention the time because on My first time riding busway, time doesn’t matter. I think it tooks about 1 hour to travel.

    I bought more than 12 chocolate bar and not single bar is melted even after 2 days in 27 – 30 celcius temperature. When the plane fly above, the temperature is around -50 celcius, so no problem for the chocolate.

  3. Hi there, this is my first visit here :)

    In the beginning of this school holiday, I travelled with TransJakarta Bus (err.. not Busway, I think) to many places (yeah, many places, actually about 4 places) and I went home with the Bus Feeder (Shuttle Bus to my housing complex). It was enjoyable because it is cheaper (of course, ha ha) and also because I can meet and see many people and ‘sceneries’ in Jakarta (since I’m not living in Jakarta). With this experience, I know how you feel when travelling with TransJakarta Bus ;)

  4. Hi there.. Im just searching the transportation to mall pondok indah. Your information is very helpfull for me eventhough im indonesian.:) Maybe you should teach me sometime. Are u still in indonesia? And for the chocolate, im agree that the dutch is better in high temperature..

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