Second Hand Notebook Keyboard

Yesterday I went to Harco Mangga Dua to search for My notebooks keyboard sparepart. I went there using busway, I think I get more use to it :p It tooks about 1,5 hours to go to Harco Mangga Dua. About how to go there using busway You can read My previous blog post here. The different is when You arrived on Sawah Besar busway stop I took a busway that goes to Stasiun Kota – not Blok M.

After I arrived at Stasiun Kota, I need to ride Mikrolet M15 to go to Harco Mangga Dua, I still need to walk a little bit though. Harco Mangga Dua is a electronic mall, You can find electronics, mobile phones, computers, notebooks, etc.

I look around for any shop that sell new notebooks or sell second hand notebooks, I ask to Them whether They have a keyboard sparepart for My notebook Compaq Presario V2000. I think there is about 5 notebook shops in Harco Mangga Dua, luckyly there is one shop – yeah only one shop B-) – that have a second hand notebook keyboard that exact match with My notebook keyboard.

Notebook keyboard module

I was so happy although I’m not sure yet to buy that keyboard or whether it will work perfectly on My notebook. I didn’t buy it instantly, I’m still thinking about it. The physics of the keyboard was OK, it’s very clean and all keys can be pressed smoothly. It’ll cost Me Rp. 350.000,- which is cheap compared with new keyboard that some shops tell Me the price is around 1 million Rupiah :-O

Anyway I ask the shop keeper to save that keyboard for Me, next monday I’ll call Him to give information whether I’ll buy it or not. First I want to call Compaq distributor first, as I got the telephone number from the shop where I bought My notebook in Jogja. I want to ask about the price of new keyboard, if it’s not so expensive – below 1 million ofcourse – I’ll buy the new one instead the second hand keyboard.

A shop keeper of one shop that I visited told Me that the keyboard module is can be repaired. That is a good info, maybe I can buy the second hand keyboard for temporary replacement when I serviced the keyboard to Compaq service centre.

Other thing that happen when I was in Harco Mangga Dua is I bought a new mobile phone :p I bought a Nokia 2115 series which cost Me Rp. 765.000,- :(( yes it’s expensive but I need it as with that phone I can use Fren provider. Fren currently have a promo where You can make a phone call for 1 hour which cost You only Rp. 1.300,- it’s damn cheap!

The time shows 16.00, I need to go home as I have an appointment with My friend to attend Her sister’s wedding party. The way back using busway is totally different experience. I don’t know why but the busway is fully loaded! maybe because today is Saturday so the youngster want to go to the malls to hang out with friends.

I was predict that the travel time will took 1,5 hour, but I was wrong it took arround 1 hour and 45 minutes. All the way home I was standing inside the busway, no seat left :(( B14 is even more worst X( the driver keep adding passenger even though there is no more space. That bastard just don’t know the word “safety”, I really hate it!

Anyway I arrived at My boarding house and preparing My self to go to My friend’s sister wedding party.


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  1. That’s why i don’t like to go anywhere in jakarta using public transportation if i don’t have any urgent reason. The driver don’t give a damn attention to passenger’s safety. All they think is the money that they collected from the passengers.

    I think i will have to wait until i got my own transportation vehicle.

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