Silence Please!!

It start to giving Me a headache.. that damn sounds, musics, vocals.. etc. I really need silence so I can work peacefuly.

It begin when all people at second floor of QnAp office – except Me – watch the Fast and the Furious movie, They like it very much and then search for it’s OST on bittorrent. They found it! and next they play it. The music mainly a trance / house music which I didn’t really like it. Well if only play it for once or two times it’s OK for Me because some of the music is quite good, but one person play it again and again and again and if he/she stopped the other person play another music which make the room always full of music and so ‘noisy’.

I really hate repeating sounds, which on trance / house music the sound is always repeating.. it’s just plain disturbing! Yes.. I admit sometimes I listen to trance / house music but that’s only once or two times, not repeat it again and again more than ten times.. in a day!

Because I start feeling uncomfortable with the music, then I encouraged My self to make an ‘agreement’ with My colleagues that ‘no music turned on in working hours, if They want to listen music, wear Their earphone. Only on lunch break and after office hours They can play music without earphone or on notebook speakers‘ – ‘They’ here including Me. Good news, My colleagues agreed with the agreement and They start listening music with Their earphone.

But.. but.. but.. there will always be a but.. the ‘peaceful’ time only last for one day because today, altough They still using Their earphone when listening music but They sing when They listen to the music and that’s too noisy for Me and what make it worst is They sing almost the whole day X( Arrrghh.. why They can’t understand..

Silence Please!!


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