The Fast and The Furious Tokyo Drift

Last saturday I met with one of My best friend, Willy Suryajaya, We make appointment to meet at Plasa Senayan to watch a new movie The Fast and The Furious Tokyo Drift.

We had a lunch before We watch the movie and talk stories about our self, it’s been a long time We didn’t have a good long conversation. I left Jogjakarta about 8 months ago to work at QnAp Asia in Jakarta and after that We are busy with Our job.

I know Willy since high school and We are a best friend, I know His family quite well. I have been helping His father to maintain the computer software for Their Factory Outlet.

After finishing lunch We go to the cinema and watch the movie. The Fast and The Furious is a good movie, it’s about car racing but not like the first movie, Tokyo Drift as like on it’s title is mainly about drifting. Drifting is a technique of driving car that slide the rear of the car to turn on sharp corner while maintaining the speed and get the inside racing line. On motorcycle racing it’s called ‘sliding’.

No cars without woman :D Tokyo Drift really a pleasure for boys.. good movie, good cars, good music – although if I play it on and on it will give Me a headache – and ofcourse beautiful chicks :p alot of beautiful and sexy Japanese girls on this movie :D

After the movie finished, Me and Willy do some tour de malls :D as there is 3 malls that very near each other. We then go back to Willy’s place and watch DVDs.. hehe.. alot of movies I watch that day :p


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