CMM Assessment Result, Rudi’s Birthday, Masakan Padang and Bugils Cafe

What a day! A lot of things happen yesterday. First Fred Wimar and Jef Jacob announce the CMM Assessment results. QnAp Asia has been assessed this week, several guys and girls from QnAp Asia have been interviewed by Fred and Jef to know about the way of working in QnAp Asia.

Although QnAp Asia didn’t get the CMM level 2 – Not yet! – But the results were very impressive for a one year old company, said Jef. I think that will give optimism to all QnAp Asia members :)

After the announcement Fred and Jef ask the entire QnAp Asia member to have lunch together. Ki suggest to have lunch at Sederhana restaurant – I think it’s Ki’s favorite restaurant :p

Because today – Saturday – is Rudi’s birthday so We celebrate it with a birthday cake for Rudi. Today I ate a lot =p~ first at Sederhana and then I ate Rudi’s birthday cake.. Mmm… yummy!

On the night Rudi invites the entire QnAp Asia member to have a drink at Bugils café. Bugils is an expat café which majority came from Europe, I think. I drink two glass of Heineken beer =p~ because it’s getting late I start to get sleepy. Luckily the girls also want to go home. We went home around 22.00 and I arrived at My boarding house at 22.30. I take a shower and then fall asleep I-), I feel so tired..


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