Three Days in Jogja

On 17th August which is Indonesia’s independence day I went back to Jogjakarta together with My big brother and one of My uncle. We went back using My brother’s car.

On the went back We got several traffic jam caused by bridges that being rebuild to make it wider and some carnaval held by local villager. This carnaval quite amazes Me as I never thought that independence day was celebrated so glorious.

I don’t really have a lot of time to spend in Jogja as on Saturday I must go to My big brother house to attend wedding party preparation of His eldest sister. The wedding party was held on Sunday. Although the wedding party only held for two hours but the preparation was took a whole day. Hmm.. I’m very tired..

Monday morning I went back to Jakarta. The way back to Jakarta was not nice; We got a lot of traffic jams which took so much time. It took more than 18 hours to be arrived in Jakarta! We went at 9.00 in the morning from Jogja and arrived on 3.30 in Tuesday morning!

I took a shower and than have some sleep no more than two hours :(( as at 8.00 I must go to the office.


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