Tour de Jakarta

Today when I was in the office to check My emails, I got a phone call from Mr. Adi saying that Fred and Jef wants to do some city sight seeing. Because Mr. Rohim the office car driver can’t speak English well, so Mr. Adi asks Me to guide Fred and Jef.

At first Fred wants to go to the central post office as He needs to send postcards to Netherlands, but unfortunately the post office already closed so He cancel His plan. Then We had a drink at Batavia café which is near to the post office. The Batavia café’s interior is quite nice, it has a European style and a lot of the tourist that have a drink and meal there.

After finish having drink We went to the Cathedral and the Istiqlal Mosque. We saw a wedding at the Cathedral and I made some pictures of the couple. When We want to enter the Istiqlal Mosque I ask to the security guard whether We can go inside as I’m not sure whether there is a ceremony inside. The security said We can enter the Mosque but they must guide Us for some fee. Well Fred and Jef won’t mind to pay Him, so We enter the Mosque.

The next place We visit is Monas – Monumen Nasional – or in English is National Monument. We went to top of Monas so We can see Jakarta from above although We can’t see far – far away as it’s get foggy because of the pollution in Jakarta, but it’s quite nice view up there.

It’s almost 16.00 when We leaves Monas and We already skip Our lunch :) so We get so hungry. Fred asks whether there is supermarket in the mall because He wants to buy tea after We had dinner. I said Yes to Him so We had dinner at Taman Anggrek food court and then We went to Hero supermarket to buy tea.

I ask Mr. Rohim to drop Me in the office because I need to shut down My laptop that I leave it turned on in the morning.

It’s been a nice trip today as the tourist is not only Fred and Jef but Me also :D Today is My first time going to Cathedral, Istiqlal Mosque and Monas :p


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