Advertising Junk

Got a phone call this afternoon, it’s from sales person of Celebrity Fitness. She tried to advertise seven days fitness for free. She said that she got my phone number from one of my friend – she also tells me the name of my friend.

I really don’t like this kind of advertising, it’s really disturbing me. Phone number, although it’s not a private thing, I don’t like to receive calls from strangers just to listen them trying to sell their product which I don’t have interest in it.

What makes me more dislike this kind of advertising is “they don’t know time to call”. They call when it’s still in office hours. What happen if I’m in the middle of important meeting?

Advertising sometimes become a good source of information for me, but when it’s being too much it’ll just disturb me. I already had enough advertising junk on my emails, I see a lot of advertising banner on the street, I see advertising on newspaper, I see a lot commercial break on TV and radio. Wow.. that is too much, don’t make it worse by calling me!

Anyway I already send a short message to my friend that giving my phone number to Celebrity Fitness to not easily giving my phone number to any organization.


2 thoughts on “Advertising Junk”

  1. Jamie=SPAM

    Markus, Welcome to the western world. This is a very effective way of marketing, and one of the least annoying of all the phonecall marketing. Here you at least know how they get your number, in the Netherlands companies just buy databases with phonenumbers and some additional information to sell for instance mortages, something I did for a summerjob some years ago.

    They always call at times that arn’t the ones that are not the best: in The Netherlands we called during dinner time, this way you have the highest probability someone will be at home.

    Advice to you: get used to it, this kind of direct marketing is just getting started here..

  2. Oi Sam,

    thanks for your comment. Phonecall Marketing surely are the most annoying. Is there any case in Netherland that people sue to the company because they feel their privacy has been disturbed?

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