Crystal Report’s Failed To Load Report

I spend half time of today’s working hours just to do some research on how to solve a problem that happen on software that currently being worked by other team. The software that they currently do is having problem when it’s being run on Microsoft Windows 98. It producing an error that nobody knows what is the cause.

At first we suspect that Crystal Report is causing the problem because some Windows XP that also having the same problem can be fixed by installing Crystal Report component from Visual Studio .NET 2003 installation CDs. But it’s not the case for Windows 98. I can’t install the Crystal Report component from Visual Studio installation CDs, I even can’t run the setup program :(

As I’m not a member of the developer team so I don’t have direct access to their code. I tried to make small program that do simple database connection and query and showing a report using Crystal Report.

My small program can connected to database and do queries to the database, so it’s not the cause of the problem. Then I add a Crystal Report viewer object on my program, my program works fine in Windows 98, but it just showing the Crystal Report viewer and not yet displaying reports.

Next step I do is add a Crystal Report .rpt file on my program, it’s just a simple report that show a text “test” :D – I’m planning to add more complexity on the report tomorrow – I compile the code and run it on Windows 98. Ding..! got an error that said “Failed to load report” guess that something is missing on Windows 98 that is needed to run Crystal Report.

I search on the Internet and found this website. It does solve the problem that I had when running my program on Windows 98.

What I have to do is copy dbghelp.dll from System32 folder on my development laptop – which uses Windows XP – to Windows 98’s System32 folder. Then manually registering crqe.dll using regsvr32 “” command.

After doing two step above my program can be executed on Windows 98. Now it’s the task for the development team to find out why their program won’t run on Windows 98 as our first guess that Crystal Report is the cause of the problem is not completely correct.


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