Foxit PDF Reader

On this post I’ll talk about PDF reader. The most well known PDF reader of course is Adobe Reader, but I’m a little bit dislike it because it’s bulky and quite slows.

Sometimes ago my friend David give me a free software that he found in the Internet. It’s called Foxit Reader.

Foxit Reader is a PDF reader that very light and fast. You didn’t need to install it, just double click the executable file and it will run. Compared to Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader is faster, although I have one PDF file that can’t be opened but it’s still OK for me.

Foxit Reader size is only 1,5 MB, compared to Adobe Reader which have 42 MB size it’s very very small. This means that you already save around 40 MB of your harddisk space. Well 40 MB is seem small, but if it can be small, compact and fast, why not?

You can click here to download Foxit Reader. Enjoy..


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