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Yesterday I download Google’s Web Accelerator with hope that it will accelerate the browsing speed in my laptop at the office. From it’s website at, they said that Web Accelerator can make web page load faster.

The installation process is very easy and simple and Web Accelerator integrates with Internet Explorer and Firefox without problem. You will need to restart your browser to start the Web Accelerator. Web Accelerator will show how much time you save on loading web pages when you using it.

Any way.. after using it for one day with more than 5 hours of browsing the internet, Web Accelerator only save 2.8 minutes of my browsing time. I guess it doesn’t work for me. I’ll uninstall it today as it doesn’t give me significant result.


4 thoughts on “Google WebAccelerator”

  1. aku enggak pakai firefox, biasa pakainya opera.

    firefox cuman kadang2 aja.

    suka opera karena fungsinya lengkap dan sistem cachenya bagus, meskipun beberapa website gak ditampilkan dengan baik + javascript kadang abnormal jalannya hehe :D

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