Is It You?

I’ve been thinking about You lately.. so this song is for You..

Is It You? – Artist: Lee Ritenour – Album: Overtime

Someone just outside, knocking at my door
Stranger, somebody in love
Someone in my dreams
Can’t get it off my mind
I’m tired of being alone
Someone ’bout to find an easy way inside
Come on, I’m right here with hope, find it now…

Is it you? (4x)

Who’s that deep inside, sneakin’ ’round my heart?
Are you somebody in love?
Show me what you’re doin’ and tell me who you are.
Hey! I’m ready for love… for love…

Is it you? (4x)

If it’s you, Come out and be open
You don’t need to hide your love
If it’s you, you know I’m hopin’ oh…
Cause it’s way to late to run away
Don’t run away from love, my love
Is it you? (instrumental)

Is it you… knockin on my door?
Is it my imagination?
Is it you, can’t get off my mind
Is it… you, you, you..

Is it you…
Can’t get you off my mind (Or Is it my imagination?)
Is it my imagination?

Is it you..
Yea, yea, yea..
You, you, you..

Run away.. don`t run away from love, my love


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