Need for Speed Most Wanted

After playing it for hours, today I finished playing Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Most Wanted is a street racing game. I like this game until I play it almost everyday after I finish working.

Most wanted have a story line that you – gamers – as the main character. At the beginning of the game there is a short movie which telling that you are racing with blacklist #1: Razor. You’re being cheated by Razor so you lose the race and you car is taken by Razor.

The game’s goal is to beat Razor and get your car back, but before you can beat Razor you must beat the entire blacklist. There are 15 blacklists including Razor. You start with a new car. Every time you win a race you get some money that can be used to modify your car so it’s get faster or you can buy a new car.

Beating blacklists actually is quite easy but the number of races you win, the milestone should achieve and total bounty you should get that makes it harder.

After beating Razor you should escape from police and detective Cross. This end part is very difficult. I tried to escape but I always get busted again and again :( but today I managed to escape and I succeed to finish the game :D

It’s very nice racing game. I visited EA website and found that they already make a new version of Need for Speed, it’s called Need for Speed: Carbon. From small information on the website, I think it’s a drifting race game. Maybe the make it after the movie The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift? Could be..


3 thoughts on “Need for Speed Most Wanted”

  1. Weh, kamu dah tamat toh? Aku malah baru sampe blacklist #7 (kalo ndak salah) dah capek banget kejar2an sama pak polisi. Moga2 aja NFS:Carbon setting-nya di Indonesia, jadi polisi-nya pake mobil Kijang kotak (yang di blkg ada kursi taman-nya) haha.. :p

  2. hehe.. aku juga mainnya sampai 1 bulan lebih kok. tiap hari mainin tuh game antara 2-4 jam :D

    akhirnya tamat juga, trus install ulang windows deh.. habis lemot banget windowsnya.

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