Office On The Move

QnAp Asia office had two problems yesterday. First the internet is up and down on and on which make me and my colleagues can’t work. I can’t really work as I need to do some research on the Internet for information about project that I prepared.

The next problem is electricity outage that happen around 13.45, we waited for more than 1,5 hours but the electric doesn’t come up. Then Ki come back from meeting and giving order to all QnAper to go to Taman Anggrek Mall, we will work there :D

We arrived at TA in 15 minutes, guess the security guards, servants in the food court and other guest where confused with so many people carrying laptop bags :) Any way it looks like that we will end up only drinking at the food court rather than working :p although I do turn on my laptop and show some documents to Ki – my boss – and had some remarks for that documents.

At first we planned to plug the cord to an electric outlet on the foot court, but the servant on the food court said that it wasn’t permitted. So I spend the remaining energy on my laptop to write this blog.

Guess what.. the electric outage still not yet solved until 18.00 when I got back to my boarding house. So I ask one of my friends at boarding house whether he would like to join me to go to TA because in that mall the electric still working and he said OK.

So I go take a shower and be prepared. Aagh.. that damn national electric company really know how to make me piss off, the electric went on just before I want to leave my boarding house to TA.

Because we already prepared so we keep going to TA. Another friend also want to join us but we only use one motorcycle, what happen is there is three people riding on motorcycle which actually is not allowed by the law :D this is the first time I ride a motorcycle with two other guys in the same motorcycle.


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