Opera 9.02

I download Opera browser version 9.02 two days ago and have time to install it yesterday. From a quick glance, there is not much different between this version and the previous version Opera 9.01 in the features side.

The main difference that I notice is that Opera 9.02 now fully supports Yahoo Mail Beta and GMail. Although user experience when using Yahoo Mail Beta is still not satisfying. Opera run very slow when opening Yahoo Mail Beta and sometimes clicking on buttons inside the Yahoo Mail Beta doesn’t work or work very slow. Looks like Yahoo Mail Beta is too heavy to be opened. GMail works well now in Opera 9.02 this is what I like :)

Although two email services that I use are now works well in Opera, there is still one thing that I think Opera browser developer team should worked on. It is WordPress’s rich text editor. The “Split post with More tag” on WordPress rich text editor is still not working. So until now I’m still using IE to write my blog.

Anyway I’m happy with this new version and hopefully Opera gets better and better on the next version.


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