Setting Nokia 2115i as Modem

I bought Nokia 2115i several months ago. I bought it because I want to use Fren as my mobile phone service provider. Fren currently have a promotion of cheap phone call between Fren users, it cost me around Rp. 1.400/hour which is very cheap.

Another benefit of using Fren is I can access Internet for Rp. 5/KB, which is the cheapest price for volume based Internet connection compared with other mobile phone service provider.

People said that Nokia 2115i can’t be used as a modem, so it can’t be used to connect to the Internet :( At first I didn’t know this issue, I bought 2115i instead of 2116 because simply it’s cheaper than 2116.

Few months ago I tried to install Nokia PC Suite which have a utility to connect the phone device to computer. The phone is connected seamlessly and I can add/delete contacts from the phone device from PC Suite. PC Suite also have feature to connect to the Internet but it said that no modem detected, although PC Suite do recognize the phone series. Because of this problem, I thought that it’s true that 2115i can’t be used as a modem, but I was wrong.

Today I tried again to install 2115i as a modem. I borrow DKU-5 data cable from my friend so I can connect the phone to my computer. This time I don’t use Nokia PC Suite, I use manual way installing the modem driver which you can download from Fren’s website here. Below are the steps for installing the modem driver:

  • Choose Program > Control Panel > Phone and Modem Options
  • Choose the tab Modem, Click Add
  • Check “Don’t detect my modem”
  • Choose “Have Disk”. When asked, find the location where you saved the downloaded file nmpCDMA2000_1x.inf, click OK
  • Choose “Nokia CDMA2000 1X 3G Packet Data Modem”
  • Choose the selected port (don’t choose all ports)
  • Nokia modem is installed in your computer

After installing the modem driver, you’ll need to create a new internet connection setting on your windows, so you can connect to the internet using Fren services. Below are the steps for creating new internet connection on Windows XP:

  • Choose Program > All Programs > Accessories > Communications > Network Connections
  • Choose File > New Connections
  • Click next, choose “Connect to the Internet”
  • Choose “Set up My Connection manually”
  • Choose “Connect using a dial-up modem”
  • Choose “Nokia CDMA2000 1X 3G Packet Data Modem”
  • Put in Fren as the name of your ISP
  • Put in #777 as the ISP dial up number
  • Choose Anyone’s use for this connection
  • Put in m8 (lowercase) as user name and password.
  • Check “Add Shortcut”, click “Finish”

After doing steps above, I can connected to the Internet using 2115i as my modem :D happy me. What I need to do now is buying a DKU-5 data cable so I can connect to the Internet at my boarding house.


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  1. Bos, saya gunakan nokia 2115i sebagai modem, dan saya sudah ikuti semua langkah dan comment dari kawan2 diatas, tapi belum connect juga, windows saya vista home premium, ada info cara lagi ngak untuk connect ke windows saya?
    untuk extra initialization setting “+crm=1;+cso=33? ada lagi ngak settingannya yang pas?

    thanks pras

  2. Halo semua,
    ada yg pake linux ubuntu? caranya:
    -colok DKU5 ke phone dan komputer
    -pergi ke Terminal, ketik:
    cd /etc
    sudo wvdialconf
    dari sini akan tercipta 1 file di /etc dgn nama wvdial.conf
    lalu ketik: sudo gedit wvdial.conf
    edit file wvdial.conf, hapus tanda # nya, masukan user name, password dsb
    – Untuk Dial, ketik : sudo wvdial

    tdk usah install driver buat DKU5

  3. Hi,

    I’m using nokia 2112 and 3105, already bought the DKU-5 but when I try to install thedriver for DKU-5 it never succed, everythings work fine, I attach the cable, my comp read it as DKU-5 cable and need a driver, I insert the cd then install the driver but my comp still need DKU-5 driver, any solution guys


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