Stream Ripper As Winamp Plug-in

On my previous post I write about Stream Ripper 32, standalone streaming ripping software. On this post I’ll write about Stream Ripper as Winamp plug-in.

SR as Winamp plug-in has the same feature with the standalone version but I think it’s easier in using it. The installation is easy, not much you need to setup. SR will integrate with Winamp seamlessly.

To download SR as Winamp plug-in you can visit, click here.

Stream Ripper as Winamp plugin

To rip streaming Internet radios – for example Shoutcast Radio – click “ML” on Winamp player. It’ll show a new window. Find for “Shoutcast Radio” under “Online Services” and click it. List of Internet radios will be shown. Select one station and start listening to streaming music.

When you listening to a streaming Internet radio, SR will automatically detect it and the start button on SR will be activated. Click on the start button and SR will start ripping the streaming radio to mp3 files.