The Meetings Day

I’ve been busy with meetings these days, that’s why I’m not updating My blog. Last night I go to several meetings with My boss, 3 meetings in a day! I feel to much meetings for yesterday :)

The first meeting I attended are meeting with a South Africa company, They make a parking system which will automating – although not fully automate in several things – in giving direction to the car driver which parking lot is still empty. Their product consists of 3 major parts: sensor, direction lamp and central controller computer.

The sensor will detect whether the parking slot already occupied by a car. If it’s occupied then the sensor will turn on a red light, meaning that slot already occupied, if it’s free then the sensor will turn on a green light. The direction lamp will help car driver to find a parking slot by giving direction to turn right, left or strait forward.

The feature that I like from Their product is that it can be setup as a security device. The software on central controller computer can be setup to turn on an alarm if a car moves from the parking lot. This way, if a thief stole a car when it’s parked the system will turn on alarm and security officer can check it out.

Next meeting was meeting with INA – Indonesian Netherlands Association – QnAp Asia has a web design project for INA website. We come on INA office to help My colleagues that has been come there first.

The last meeting is a dinner meeting at Taman Anggrek mall. Although at first I wasn’t invited to attend the meeting suddenly My boss call Me and ask Me to join the meeting because there is a person from CCTV company. I’m working on a proposal for supplying CCTV for a governmental company in Central Java right now, that’s why My boss suddenly invite Me :)

Although the meeting is not finished yet, I’m asking to go home first together with Sam. Coincidently Sam had an appointment with His friend so He also want to leave the meeting too.


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