UKDW 01 Reunion

It’s has been more than nine months since I working in Jakarta, so does My college friends that also working in Jakarta. Last week, Yuni plan a reunion meeting and said whether I had time today to go to Taman Anggrek (TA) Mall to have lunch together with our friends.

We already contact several friends that we know they are currently working in Jakarta and the result is that we manage to gather more than 10 peoples. We have appointment to gather in front of Starbucks Coffee in TA.

Before I went to TA first I need to meet with a colleague that will represent QnAp Asia for a prospectus project. I have to deliver a letter for Him. Luckily Mr. Adi Rakhman already arrived from His traveling to Purwokerto so I ask Him whether He can take Me to a meeting point to send the letter, He said yes :) Doesn’t want to loose a benefit, I ask Him to drop Me at TA on the way back :D

Back to the reunion, as We planned to had lunch together We decide to have lunch at Hartz Chicken Buffet. We ate there and talk a lot of things, a very pleasure moments as We rarely meet each other as We already busy with Our job and We live far far away.

We dismissed Our self at 17.00 as some friends live quiet far away and if They stay a longer time They will arrived at home very late night. I’m happy to meet with Them and can’t wait to meet again.

You are special…


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