One Week In Jogjakarta

Last week, I spend one week in Jogjakarta. I’m very happy to go back to my home city, although the flight ticket is ridiculously very pricy because of the Idul Fitri holiday.

There are several changes in the city that I notice, such as:

  • There is a big screen on the street cross behind the Natour hotel. The big screen shows movie about Jogjakarta and its tourism places, but some times it’s also showing Djarum cigarette advertising. I think Djarum sponsoring the local government to build the big screen. I don’t like it though, it’s just another advertising junk.
  • I think the local government adds small lamps along the Malioboro streets between the traditional lamps. I don’t like it, as it doesn’t add functional value, without it Malioboro street is still bright in the night anyway.
  • Now if you pass the Adipura statue in the night, you will see a fountain there. I see it as a good improvement by the local government. I like it because the fountain really give an entertainment for people who passing by.
  • Another thing that I found it interesting is: Jogjakarta now has a solar powered traffic lights.

Solar Cell Powered Traffic Lights

I spend almost everyday to go out with my friend in Jogjakarta, mostly we went to Plaza Ambarukmo. On 22 October I went there with one of my best friend Dimas to watch a movie. What a coincidence we met with several high school friends. It’s been six years ago since we were in high school, so I’m very happy to see them again.

On Friday 27 October I have an appointment with one of my high school friend, Lila. We’ve lost contact for years, but several months ago I found her profile on Friendster and got her phone number.

Before I went back to Jogjakarta I phoned her to ask whether she also go back to her home city Magelang and she said yes. It’s only took one hour travel by car to go to Magelang from Jogjakarta so I think we had a chance to meet each other.

Lila had planned to visit her friend in Solo and after that she planned to go to Jogjakarta. Unfortunately the last train from Solo to Jogjakarta is at 19.00 and she think it’ll be to late to spend some time in Jogjakarta and then go back to Magelang so the appointment is rescheduled :( to Saturday.

Because the appointment is rescheduled so I went to Plaza Ambarukmo (again) with my best friend David and a new friend Wieke – David introduce me to her – to watch movie (again). The movie ticket was very cheap, a lot cheaper compared with Jakarta.

Saturday morning I pick up Lila on the train station, had a breakfast together at 11.30 :D – when she call me to tell me that she already arrived in Jogjakarta, I’m still sleeping :D – It’s nice to meet her.

What a happy holiday, but I should go back to Jakarta to work. Can’t wait to go back again to Jogjakarta, my lovely home city.


2 thoughts on “One Week In Jogjakarta”

  1. A great holiday. I was in Yogyakarta as well when Idul Fitri holiday. The ad from StarOne annoyed us since it spread almost everywhere on the street.

    I enjoy to visit Kaliurang and watched the Merapi Mountain.


  2. Oh, ya, I also visited South of Yogyakarta that suffered from the earthquake some months ago. Some of the houses still not fixed or built. Hope the government hurry to liquid the fund to relieve the pain.

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