Repairing Auto Handler on Windows XP

Every time you insert a CD, DVD or plug in a USB disk on your computer, Windows XP will pop-up a window which contain a list of softwares  that you can use to open the content of the CD, DVD or USB disk. This pop-up window is called ‘auto handler’.

Recently I have a problem with auto handler on my laptop. It shows a broken link and an application that I don’t want to be shown on the list of auto handler. As you see on this picture, there is a handler that broken “using

Auto Handler

I try to find a way to delete the handler that I don’t want from the list, luckily I found a software called Autoplay Repair. It’s a small program which can add/remove handler. You can download it from Softpedia

Autoplay Repair

You can add new handler if you want to. Below is the screen capture of add new handler window.

Add New Handler


One thought on “Repairing Auto Handler on Windows XP”

  1. Kalo aku sih mending tak matiin aja semua ‘auto handler’-nya itu pake TweakUI.

    Toh tinggal buka Explorer kalo mau liat isi CD / USB drive, buka WinDVD kalo mau setel DVD, buka Nero kalo mau nge-burn ke CD blank. Menurutku kok lebih praktis, daripada otomatis buka sendiri tapi sering salah2…

    Seperti kata seseorang (aku lupa siapa)…
    “Aku mau komputer yang cerdas. Tapi kalo tidak bisa, aku mau komputer bodoh yang tau bahwa dirinya bodoh; bukan komputer bodoh yang merasa dirinya pintar”.

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