Blond James Blond

Yesterday I went to Taman Anggrek Mall to watch Casino Royale movie. Actually I was asked by Liza if I want to go to the cinema on last Friday but I’m still in doubt whether I should go with her, her friends and David because I have a plan to watch with my brother, so I didn’t give a yes nor a no answer.

David Desanto is a friend of mine, we know each other because he was employed on QnAp iT Netherland after I return to Indonesia. Although we never met before, Johan the managing director of QnAp iT introduces us via Yahoo Messenger chat. That’s how we know each other.

Well apparently because I didn’t give a sure answer on Friday, Liza already gave the ticket to her other friend so I didn’t have a ticket to enter the cinema :( Then I went to the ticket counter hoping that I can get a ticket for that day, but the line is very long and I think even I can get a ticket for that day surely I’ll sit at front row which is not enjoyable. I canceled my plan to buy a ticket and we (me, Liza and David) went to the food court to have some meal while we are waiting for the time the movie will be started.

When we go back to the cinema I saw that the line is not too long anymore, I decided to buy tickets for Sunday and I bought two tickets :) As the movie is going to be started, we then split up, David and Liza went to the studio to watch movie and I went home.

After I arrived at my boarding house, I sent sms messages to my friends asking whether they want to go with me to watch Casino Royale as I have two tickets. Aghh.. crap!! nobody wants to join me to watch the movie :(( what a friend they are.

On Sunday, because nobody wants to join me so I decided to go by my self. I went to the office on Sunday morning just to check emails and browse the Internet for a while. Unexpectedly my big boss came to the office, so I ask him whether he wants to join me to watch the movie. Because my big boss is a cool boss :D – hey can I get salary rise for this? :D – he said he wants to join me! So we met at Taman Anggrek to watch the movie.

I think my luck is drained out, why? Because when the movie is near to the end – around 20 minutes – I feel I want to pee. Because I know that the movie is going to end soon, I decide to try to hold it. But I know that holding pee to long is not good so I went to the toilet. When I return to the cinema, James Bond said “Bond.. James Bond” and the movie is ended :(( agh.. crap!!


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