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My boss just bought a new business card scanner device. It’s a small scanner which with it you can scan a business card and have all the detail in the business card saved to a database. It does help you to organize your contact’s business card and you don’t need to type all the inputs in your address book manually.

The scanner does work well. It can recognize name, job title, company name, telephone, fax, email, etc. in a business card and insert it to correct fields in address book software that comes with the scanner. But if the business card is to complicated, for example have more than one phone number or email, and have very tiny font, the scanner can’t scan correctly.

Although the business card scanner have some minor things, it’s surely helps you to input all your contacts to your address book.


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  1. Dear Markus,

    I have read an article that reviewed a software for read and recognise text in a business card. It uses the camera of our phonecell or PDA. After get the picture of the business card, it will store the data on our contact database. We can edit or adjust the field of the data as well.

    Unfortunately I forget the name of the software.

  2. Some PDAs like Dopod 838 Pro have this functionality (business card scanner) which can automaticly add the contact to it’s addressbook. But the price for this PDA is very expensive, last check it’s around Rp. 8,5 million

  3. I have been using an outstanding product from a company called CSSN. Their scanning systems accurately read the information from business cards, driver licenses, ID cards, medical insurance cards, visit cards, and even checks and then arranges this information into a database. I am a sales consultant and these systems have helped me to organize all the business cards I have received and this makes my work a lot easier to manage. Check out their solutions – CSSN

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