Got GPRS and Wi-Fi working on Dopod 838

After doing some reads on the manual and some trial and error, now the GPRS and Wi-Fi on my Dopod 838 can work.

On my Dopod 838 there is a program called “AutoConfig”, I use this program to configure the GPRS setting automatically. What I do is just select my mobile phone service provider from the list on AutoConfig and it will be start configuring the settings. It took a while for the configuring process finished and the PDA will need to be restarted.
After restarting the PDA all GPRS configuration are already set and I can start browsing the internet.

For configure the Wi-Fi I must do it manually, but it’s very easy to do. Here are the steps I do:

  1. Go to “Start > Settings > Connection > Network Cards”. You will see several options there.
  2. On “My network card connects to:” select “The Internet”.
  3. Tap on “SDIO WLAN Wireless Adapter”, a new screen will appear.
  4. On the new screen you’ll be asked for IP address and DNS configuration. If you need to specify an IP address for your PDA then you can do it here, if not or you are not sure just leave it blank. Same does with the DNS configuration.
  5. Go to “Start > Settings > Connection > Network Cards” again and you can see all available wireless network.
  6. Click on the wireless network that you want to connect to. The next screen will show several configuration of the wireless network. Sometimes the wireless network is secured with a network key; you need to supply this on “Network Key” tab.
  7. Next go to “Start > Programs > Comm Manager”. On this screen you’ll see 4 buttons which is used to turn on/off: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, speaker and ActiveSync. Click on the Wi-Fi button if you see an ‘X’ on the button which means Wi-Fi is turned off, if you click on the button, the X symbol will disappear and the Wi-Fi is activated.
  8. On the bottom right corner you’ll see “Settings”, click on it and select “Wi-Fi Settings”. On this screen you can see information about the wireless network that your PDA connected to.


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