Hard Resetting Dopod 838

Last night I’m doing a hard reset on my dopod 838 PDA Phone. I do the hard reset because the PDA Phone has 2 problems which disturb me when using it. A hard reset will restore all PDA Phone setting to its default factory setting, so make sure you are backing up all your SMS, contacts, emails and files before you do hard reset because all of these will be deleted!

The problems that I encounter are:

  • The PDA Phone some times restarted by it self, don’t know what the cause of it.
  • The ‘Messaging’ item on the ‘Today Screen’ some times disappeared randomly and can’t be restored even I already give a tick on the Messaging option in Today Screen setting. I must do soft reset to have it back shown on Today Screen. This problem also happen if I change the Today’s theme.

Besides two main reasons above, I feel the PDA phone have too much software on it which I rarely use it. I already try to uninstall it on Settings > Remove Programs but the program can’t be uninstalled. I don’t know why the programs can’t be uninstalled but I think it’s because the programs is installed using another computer than mine – the programs are installed by the previous owner.

There is two way to do hard reset, the first way is by using “Clear Storage” menu on Settings and the second way is by pressing some buttons on the PDA phone simultaneously. I use the first way as it’s the easiest way. Below are the steps to do hard reset both ways:

Using “Clear Storage” menu:

  • Open Start > Settings
  • Select the tab System
  • Tap on “Clear Storage”
  • You will be asked to confirm the hard reset by inputting a code on the screen

Using hardware buttons combinations:

  • Press and hold both Comm Manager button and Voice Command button
  • While pressing both buttons, press the Reset button with your stylus
  • You will be asked for confirmation.

Because I use the first way, so I can’t guarantee that the hardware buttons combinations will work, I got this “how to” from Mobile Top Soft website. However on Dopod 838 manually I saw how to do the hard reset using hardware buttons combinations, please check it first.

The hard reset will took time around 10 minutes to finish, make sure your PDA phone is fully charged before your performing a hard reset.

After doing the hard reset I feel slightly performance gain on my Dopod 838 :D also the “Messaging Item” on Today Screen is not disappear if I change the Today’s theme. Still crossing my fingers though, as I’m not sure if the hard reset fix the self restart problem.


5 thoughts on “Hard Resetting Dopod 838”

  1. Hello Den,

    No.. I never do it before. There should be a tutorial on how to do this. You can search about it on forums that discuss about PDA

  2. i cant open my dopod in windows mobile i make many time hard format nut nothing open and stay in opening logo…the problem is that i cant connect with activesync on my pc to format it .what can i do??

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