How to Type Euro Sign

On today’s keyboard usually you will see an additional character which is Euro sign. On my laptop’s keyboard it’s placed on key 5 together with % sign.

I always wondering how to type the € sign by typing it on the keyboard and not using Microsoft Word’s Insert > Symbol function. I already ask some of my friends, including friends that came from European country, but nobody knows.

I decide to do some searching on Google and found an article on Wikipedia titled: “Keyboarding the Euro Sign”. The article said that you can type € sign by pressing Alt + 0128 if you are using Microsoft Windows US English version. It also said that you can do Ctrl + Alt + 5, but it doesn’t work on my laptop.

One remark from me is: if you are using laptop then you should turn on the Num Lock first before you using the Alt + 0128 combination keys. I already tried using the number keys on top of the character keys and it doesn’t work. You should use the numeric keypad.

Another web page that I got from the search result is H2G2 website from BBC UK. It said that you can use Ctrl + Alt + e to type Euro sign and it does work on my laptop.


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