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Since I assigned to Sisfo Kampus development team, I’m now being outsourced to Universitas Kristen Krida Wacana – UKRIDA (Krida Wacana Christian University). Today is my first day working at UKRIDA. My task is to help the user at UKRIDA on how to use the university information system “Sisfo Kampus” that being implemented there.

Sisfo Kampus is a university information system that built by Emanuel Setio Dewo, he also became my project leader now. Sisfo Kampus is an open source university information system. You can download it at its official website http://www.sisfokampus.net and use it free and legal.

I feel like living inside a closed box in the UKRIDA’s office since I don’t get (yet) an Internet connection, which make me can nearly do nothing because to access the Sisfo Kampus I need an internet or at least intranet connection.

The user had some problems when he need to print some reports and I can’t do a big help since I don’t have internet connection where I can connect to the server and see the source code of Sisfo Kampus, the other problem is I’m not yet familiar with Sisfo Kampus as I’m not developing it from the beginning. I contacted Mr. Dewo to check it, as he is in Campus 1 and can connect to the server while I’m in Campus 2.

The problem can be solved and the user satisfied. Despite the user is satisfied I feel that my placement in UKRIDA Campus 1 is not yet effective as I’m not yet familiar with the system and I don’t get internet connection to at least check the source code incase the user had problem. I need to learn the system very fast so I can help the user more..

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