Second Hand PDA Phone

Last night I went to Plasa Semanggi to meet a PDA owner that wants to sell his PDA. I saw his advertising on a forum on the Internet. After some negotiation about the price, we had a deal and set an appointment to meet.

Because I don’t have personal transportation so I do some social engineering :) to my colleague, Herru Purnomo to take me to Plasa Semanggi and he ‘voluntarily’ agree :))

The appointment with the seller is at 18.30 and he is quite punctual. He brings the PDA and its accessories, including the box. It’s a Dopod 838 PDA phone. I took around one hour to check the functionality of the PDA, had some problem when I insert my mobile phone service provider SIM card. The PDA can’t get any signal, although our position is on an open space of Plasa Semanggi. With a soft reset the PDA can get signal from my mobile phone service, it’s very weird.

The Dopod 838 is working fine and still in guarantee period from the distributor until 6 Febuary 2006. It has some minor things though, such as:

  • It doesn’t have the original stylus. The original one is lost.
  • It doesn’t have hands free. It’s also lost.
  • Scratch on the body, but it’s not very bad scratch. The seller said that it’s caused because he put the PDA inside his pocket and get friction with keys.

Anyway, I bought the Dopod 838 for half price of a new one. So I think it’s a good deal and decided to buy it.

Dopod 838 has wi-fi capability but until now I didn’t know yet how to setup it. I’ll read the manual first. Didn’t have the time to read the manual since I to busy trying all the programs and games in the PDA :)


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