Start Using FireFox 2

I installed FireFox 2 yesterday just to try it and see what is new with the latest version of FireFox 2 (FF2). At first glance the skin is look very nice, better than FF 1.5 and I very like it.

I have been mostly using Opera 9.02 for browsing the Internet and I do like Opera, but some minor things makes my browsing experience are not so enjoyable such as:

  • Opera have lack of support from big major website such as Google and Yahoo especially their mail services.
  • Opera does not fully support several AJAX website, for example: GMail and Yahoo Mail Beta.
  • Some websites are not being shown correctly such as Friendster on the photo gallery page, you will see the previous and next button are placed wrong.

FireFox have better support from the big websites and can run AJAX websites better than Opera, but FireFox have lacks of features that Opera have:

  • Great webpage caching.
  • Open tab to next active tab.
  • Open tab on the background.
  • Highlight a text URL, right click and choose “Go to URL” to open the link on a new tab.
  • Reload a page every … seconds/minutes.
  • Minimize to tray
  • Show images rules, you can choose whether you want to load all images, cached images or disable all images.
  • and some more features..

To make FireFox have this features I need to install several plugins, here are the plugins that I installed:

  • FasterFox, a plugin to make FireFox load web page faster. But still, this plugin cannot match Opera’s caching speed.
  • TabMixPlus, this is a great plugin, a must have plugin for FireFox user. It gives a lot of features for tabs browsing.
  • MinimizeToTray, does as its name.
  • Linkification, convert text URL to a clickable link.
  • ImgLikeOpera, for show images rules.
  • AutoCopy, to have “Go to URL” like function on Opera. It’s redundant plugin as I already have Linkification but it’s give more features other than “Go To URL” feature.

Happy FireFoxing!


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