It’s Difficult to be a Doctor

Today when I was having lunch at UKIRDA’s canteen, a students was fainted. Of course all peoples in the canteen that time surprised and try to know what exactly happened.

Several students try to help the student that fainted and take her to have some treatment. After that incident, students that sit next to me in the canteen start to talk about the girl that fainted. One student said that she study excessively to prepare her self doing the exam in the morning (this week are exam time at UKRIDA) other student said she doesn’t have a breakfast in the morning, other student said that she get stressed with the exam.

Well I can imagine that the exam is very difficult. But forcing your self to study hard and get sick surely is not good.

It was raining this afternoon, because of that the wireless connection get interfered and my laptop can’t get any wireless signal. So no internet connection for this afternoon :(


One thought on “It’s Difficult to be a Doctor”

  1. Not only being a doctor which is difficult. I think all of field of science are difficult as well. Just to know how to make it simple. Remembering: KISS (keep it simple stupid!), or MISS (make it simple stupid).


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