Happy New Year 2007

Woohoo.. first post on the new year 2007! First thing first: Happy New Year 2007!

I had a week off last week, went home to Jogjakarta by car with my older brother (cousin). This is my third time went home by car, but we are not going directly to Jogja. At night of December 22nd we leaving for Bandungan and arrived there in the morning next day.

My older brother wants to propose his girlfriend that is why we went to Bandungan. His family and also my parents went to Bandungan in the afternoon and meet us in a hotel room we rent. After the propose ceremony I joined my parents went back to Jogja.

My holiday didn’t go well. On Christmas day I had picnic lunch with my family and my aunt’s family in Kaliurang. On the way to Kaliurang I already got a headache. After I arrived at home I didn’t get well, still got headache and then I got fever :(

On December 26th I feel better. I got a phone call from my friend that she will come to Jogja and ask me to company her while she is in Jogja. I was wrong about my health, I still didn’t well yet so after going out all day, I got flu because it was raining and I using motorcycle :( Knock out again for two days.

This holiday I spent most of the time at home because I got sick and it was raining most of the days.

31st December 2006, New Year eve. My friend David got two invitations to a New Year party and he asks me to go with him. We went to the party, but the party is sucks! So we go home and watch DVD :p

That all.. My ending story for 2006, although not very nice but still I enjoy my stay in Jogja with my family as always..


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