Sisfo Kampus, LIVE!

It’s really tiring this last three days as UKRIDA start distributing “Study Schedule Plan” and the process is not as smooth as I was hoping. UKRIDA is implementing Sisfo Kampus it’s a University Information Management System developed by Setio Dewo, he is my current project leader on Sisfo Kampus project.

Yesterday I got a lot of complaints from Erwin an officer at general affairs department of medical faculty of UKRIDA. He has some problem with printing the study schedule plan. But today I got even more complaints, not from Erwin but from the students :(

There are a lot of students that having their class schedule collide with other class schedule they take. Although this is not Sisfo Kampus team fault or the system fault, I must fix the problems. The students keep coming to me asking about their study schedule plan and I had difficulty on handling all the requests as the students want it fixed quickly.

It’s really a stressing and frustrating situation as I get a lot of requests and I didn’t have printer to print the schedules. I must go to another computer which is being used by general affair officer too and print the schedule there.

Until the end of the office hours, there is still one big problem which hasn’t solved yet. A class schedule is scheduled wrongly and the person in charge to make the schedule can’t be contacted X) I can’t imagine what will happen tomorrow as there are 179 students that taking that problematic class will come to me on and on asking about it :((

I always try to keep my head cool and my emotion calm when facing the students. I was a student too, I know they want everything finished quickly and correctly so they can come home soon. But it takes time to handle the requests and the students keep pushing and satirize which make me sometimes almost lost my temper. I have a trick to keep my temper low, make jokes! really it does works :p especially when you have a crazy project leader like Mr. Setio Dewo =))

The DeVry University has indeed taken a unique step in offering to translate english to spanish free for anyone who purchases their online french english dictionary. This has resulted in new offers on german english dictionary by the Kaplan University as well as the University of Phoenix.

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