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The Internet connection at my office is very very slow since last week. The ISP Telkom Speedy is a worse ISP ever! I can’t even download my emails. Only connection to local websites “within IIX (Indonesia Internet eXchange) network” that is accessible, other than that it’s just a blank white screen on my FireFox browser.

I tried to connect to RevTI’s server via SSH since yesterday to update the ClamAV antivirus that installed on the server, but because Telkom Speedy is sucks (as always) I can’t connect to the server. If I can connect to the server, I got disconnected in the middle of ClamAV installation process.

When I was in university (UKDW – Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana), I have a telnet/SSH account to login to the university’s server. So I tried to connect to the university’s server and luckily my account didn’t deleted yet by the system administrator.

Because UKDW’s server is located in IIX, so accessing it is quite fast. Strange thing is I know that my university is also using Telkom for their internet connection, although they are not using Speedy product, but the Internet connection from UKDW to international server are quite fast.

What I do is this: connect to UKDW’s server and then connect to RevTI’s server :D I manage to update ClamAV antivirus on RevTI’s server.


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  1. Nice to know I am not the only victim. @ months ago at installing I had max 850 kb. They promise more. Now it is 40kb and last night max 400kb. (In Holland I have 2500kb for half the price of Speedy.) Any idea what I can do? Is it completely Telkoms fault. Virus maybe? Or just to many customers.

    Is there an alternative over the phoneline for internet? Or should we just wait for a cable connection?



  2. Hi Wouter,

    internet connection in Indonesia isn’t good, it worst if you compared to the Netherland. this is because the infrastructure and of course the companies want to make big profits.

    currently i use FastNet in Jakarta, which also a bad ISP although still better than Telkom Speedy. FastNet under deliver from what they promise on their web page. they do some bandwidth shaping which drop your speed to the plan below your current plan. you can only use full speed of your plan for 30 minutes only, after that you’ll be dropped to the plan below for 1-2 hours and after that it get back to normal, this bandwidth shaping is done in cycle means it’s repetitive.

    if you get 40KB/s and paid under Rp. 400.000 then you must satisfied with that, it’s impossible to get better than that in Indonesia. you can’t compared it with the Netherlands where we can get 100Mbps connection for 40 Euros :p

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