Using Putty for SSH tunneling

As Telkom Speedy internet connection getting worse day by day and didn’t show any sign of getting better. I remember an article I read some time ago about using remote server as a proxy server.

On my previous blog post “Speedy Slow Internet Connection” I’m using my university’s server to connect to RevTI’s server which is located in United States or international network. So I’m thinking to use my university’s server as a proxy to connect to international websites via SSH tunneling.

Here is how I setup a SSH tunneling using Putty:

1. First you need Putty to make SSH connection, you can download Putty here.
2. Run Putty and insert the server hostname you want to connect to on Host Name field.

Putty Session Configuration
3. On left menu, scroll down and click on “Tunnels”. Add new port by filling the port number on “Source Port” field. Leave the “Destination” field empty and select “Dynamic” and “Auto” radio button.

Putty Tunnels Configuration
I insert 8383 for the “Source Port” number, when you click “Add” button you will see “D8383” on “Forwarder Ports” lists

Putty Forwarded Ports

4. Go back to “Session” menu and press “Save” button to save the session settings
5. Click on “Open” button to open the connection to the server, you will be asked for supplying username and password to login.
6. Next step is to configure your browser – FireFox in my case – so it will connect trough SSH tunneling we make on previous steps. Go to menu “Tools > Options > Advanced” select “Network” tab and click on “Settings” button.
7. Select “Manual proxy configuration:” and on “SOCKS Host” field insert “” which means localhost or pointing to your own computer. On port field insert the number you supply on step 3 “Source Port” and then select “SOCKS v5” radio button and click OK button.

FireFox Proxy Configuration

8. Finish, now you are browsing through SSH tunneling via your selected server or computer.

It’s not always a server, you can use your home computer also (if you have 24 hours internet connection at your home). This trick could be useful if you are using public connection such as HotSpot on malls because your data transfers are secured via SSH as mentioned in this blog.


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