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A couple months ago I was keeping my eye for a domain name that already expired and soon being deleted from the domain name registry. I really want this domain name as I want to use it for my web hosting business –

I was unlucky that time because the domain name was registered by a company that specialized on registering dropped/deleted/expired domain names. Because this company can watch and register the domain name automatically, of course they can register the domain a couple of minutes after it’s deleted from the registry. That is why I lost the domain, sad.. :(

Any way, 4 days ago I check the WHOIS for that domain name and I realize that the registrar/owner has been changed. It makes me think that probably the domain is being dropped by one company and then being registered by another company. These companies register deleted domains and try to sell it for high price to the original owner to get profit.

I’m not sure about this, but it seems that these companies drop the domain after several days register it. May be they can get a refund from dropping the domain, so nothing to loose for them.

Knowing this possibility that the company that register the domain name I want will drop it some day, I decide to check the WHOIS regularly everyday. Bingo! On Friday I saw that the domain is available again, yippee..!! I register the domain name quickly and got it :))

What a happy domain name registering.


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