Another Fraud, Using Torabika Name

Two days ago I post about a fraud using a telco provider named Fren. Last night my mother called me and said that my father win a Toyota Innova car from an instant coffee maker. This instant coffee called “Torabika” held an incentive program that will give prizes to its consumer if they bought their product with winner sign inside the sachet.

My father open a sachet of Torabika coffee and found a coupon inside it stated that my father win a car. My first impression is “is it another scam?” as I got a fraudulent phone call two days ago. I said to my mother that may be it’s just another scam, but my mother thinks that it’s not scam as on the sachet it says that Torabika held an incentive program. Plus, my father got the winning coupon from inside the sachet with a contact name (the criminal using “drs. H. Budiman” as his name), a landline phone number and two cell phone numbers to confirm the winning coupon.

I ask my mother to check whether there is a customer care phone number on the sachet. She can’t find any customer care phone number, only an email address. I doubt that if I email them, they will reply it very soon.

I feel strange to claim the price to a person and the contact number is using cell phone numbers. It’s obvious that, either Torabika is not professional or this is just a scam.

So I tell my mom to keep the sachet and the ‘winning’ coupon and I’ll call the phone number next morning.

This morning I open Mayora (the maker of Torabika instant coffee) website to find their phone number. I then call them and ask whether they held the incentive program and whether my father wins a car. My question is answered with a question from Mayora prize claim division representative. He ask “the winning sign, is it a coupon or a hologram?” I answer that it’s a coupon. He then explain to me that it’s a scam and Mayora only use hologram for the winning sign and it’s difficult to be copycatted.

My father also tries to find some information by asking to the distributor of Torabika. The sales person said that it is a scam and my father is the sixth person get these ‘winning’ coupons and ask to them.

Although I already pessimistic in the beginning that my father win a car (from the fact that the winning coupon using a person contact and cell phone numbers) I still feel disappointed, so does my father as he really hopping that he really won that car.

I do some search and found this article from Harian Batam Pos titled “Penipuan Berkedok Undian Berhadiah Marak”. In that article Harian Batam Pos said that there are two persons that got scammed with this crime modus. One victim lost Rp. 899.999,- and the other lost Rp. 11.650.000,- of money. Eleven million is quite big for Indonesian, I feel sorry for both victims.

Please be careful my friends, those criminals are smart. Don’t get easily tempted with a sum of money from a person that call you said you won it or from a product with winning sign inside it. This Torabika scam is an example how smart this bastards. If the consumer of Torabika is not smart enough, they will be robbed easily.

Antitrust to any winning calls, do due diligent to make it sure that it’s real.


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