Be Careful! Fraud Using Fren Name

Last night around 19.00 WIB I got a phone call to my Fren number from a Fren number that I didn’t know. The caller said that he is from Mobile 8 which is the company that own Fren Telco service. He introduce him self as ‘Budi Setiawan’ a representative from Mobile 8 that want to let me know that I won Rp. 15.000.000,- in cash and Rp. 1.000.000,- of free pulse for my Fren cell phone number.

I feel strange when I receive his call, first it’s Sunday night (19.00 WIB) obviously it’s off of office hours. Secondly, he doesn’t know my name as he asking for my name. From this point I start to be aware that he might be a liar, so I said to him to call me back in 30 minutes as I want to confirm from Fren customer care number. His voice tone changed to a little bit angry and he said why it took so long (30 minutes), third strange.

People must be careful as these criminals have some skills on social engineering. They use persuasive approach to people that they called so the targeted people can believe them. I talk with some friends about this, a friend tell me that his aunt was once got robbed with this kind of crime. Another friend said that it’s possible that the criminal using long distance hypnotist.

I tried to call Fren’s customer care number last night, but I always get busy message. May be the criminal call me on the night because they know I can’t call the customer service.
Any way, this morning I called customer service again and ask them whether they have promotion or quizzes that giving 15 million cash prize, guess what… they don’t have any promotion and quiz with that amount of price!

So be careful! Some tips are don’t believe easily when you get a phone call that tell you won a sum of money and stay focus because there is possibility that the criminal using hypnotist.


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