Hard Resetting O2 XPhone II

Today I do a hard reset on my O2 XPhone II. I do the hard reset because I feel that my smartphone was running so slow and having problem with the keypad when I type SMS.

Below are the steps to do a hard reset on O2 XPhone II:

  1. Turn off your smartphone
  2. While pressing both softkeys (right and left) press the power key for 1.5 seconds (timing is important)
  3. If you do it correctly you’ll see a black screen with a message to press ‘0’ to continue the hard reset
  4. Press ‘0’ and wait the hard reset to finish restoring the settings of your XPhone II to its factory default
  5. Finish

PS: be sure to backup all your data (contacts, sms, emails, etc.) before you do a hard reset as all data will be erased!


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