Last Year, Baby

Last year (from today) I was 23 years old. I was in the Netherlands that day, enjoying the cold weather, clean air, a quiet and nice neighborhood, very fast internet :) having new Indonesian friends that stay in the Netherlands and also new Dutch friends too..

I’m kind of missing the Netherlands, the smell of its air, the buses, the trains, and the bicycle lane. It’s giving me memories that I can’t forget it.

Going to the Netherlands was really a great adventure and experience for me. It was my first time seeing, feeling, and grabbing snow :p hey I do skiing too although I can’t do it well.

Live is always going forward, after return to Indonesia I experiencing a lot more. I learn from those experiences and become a better man (I hope). Now I must look forward for my future, set new goals and try to achieve it.

See you next year, baby..

Markus blogging at ‘B’ day

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