Synaptics TouchPad Scrolling Problem in Firefox Browser

I’m having problem with the touchpad on my notebook Compaq Presario V2000, it doesn’t functioning at all when I use Firefox browser. The touchpad also can’t do scrolling in Thunderbird email client. It seems the touchpad doesn’t work in Mozilla’s products.

I don’t know what the cause of this problem. The touchpad works well in Windows Explorer and other applications. For some time I didn’t mind about this problem as I didn’t use Firefox or Thunderbird as often as nowadays.

It start to give troublesome when I’m in public hotspot or at least when I only wants to use my notebook for a small fraction of time and I must take out my wireless mouse from my bag and plug it to my notebook and after finish using my notebook I must insert it back to its case and put it in my bag. I’m just too lazy to do that :D

Any way.. because of my laziness, I search on Synaptics’ website for a new driver. I found a driver with newer version that I have currently, which is the factory default. The new version I downloaded is v8.3.4 dated 19 May 2006. With this new driver the touchpad can do scrolling on both Firefox and Thunderbird, so the problem is solved.

If you having problem with scrolling in Firefox or Thunderbird, try download the new driver for your touchpad.


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  1. I’ve actually done just what you suggested following a recommendation on another website, however the scroll button still doesn’t work in FireFox :(

  2. I have a HP pavilion with a synaptics scrollpad and the problem is that it works – intermittently. Sometimes I’ll lose it, and I have to open up the synaptics device settings, and “reboot” it (Device Settings, Settings, Virtual Scrolling, Scrolling Region, and just touch the scroll pad and make sure it “lights up green”). After that, it’s fine again.

    But, I will dl the new driver and see how it goes…

  3. That fixed the same problem for me. Thanks. Synaptics website was horribly slow but it did work (it took about 3 min to load a page on my fast internet conection.)

  4. Krista
    I have the same problem. The scrolling function works sometimes and then stops working for no apparent reason.

    I downloaded the new driver to no avail. Did you find a solution?

  5. My scrolling loses functionality in firefox when viewing online video at full screen. When I return to normal size it stops working. Pressing Ctrl Alt Del and bring up the task manager gets it working again. Any fix? I have the latest synaptic driver

  6. when you go back to “normal” screen you need to click somewhere on the side in the window and press the space bar a few times. space bar scrolls for you and then virtual scrolling also starts working again. someone on youtube posted this solution but i can’t find the link now. hope it helps, it works for me every time and i’ve tried everything!

  7. I have the same problem.
    That is, the synaptics touchpad scrolling is intermittent.
    I tried the space bar on the side of the window, but no help.
    I tried maximizing the window, no help.
    I have downloaded 3 different synaptics drivers, no help.
    The touchpad scrolling works just fine in IE8.

  8. have you try uninstall the driver first and then install the new driver?

    it could be a hardware problem too, try download ubuntu live cd and see if the problem still persist in ubuntu, than i can say that the touchpad is broken :(

  9. Try this solution xp pro, and vista
    At command prompt, or run box
    taskkill /im SynTPEnh.exe

    This leaves SynTPEnh in a limbo state (still running), but scroll starts working in firefox. Flat out terminating SynTPEnh.exe stops scrolling from working in anything.
    Tested on:
    WindowsXP SP3- Synaptics v10.2.4 FF3
    Vista SP2- Synaptics V FF 3.5

    XP home doesn’t have taskkill. Download nircmd
    Place executables in windows folder, use the following command:
    nircmd closeprocess SynTPEnh.exe

    mozillazine post:

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