Bought New Handphone

Last week I bought a new handphone, it’s a SonyEricsson K618i. I bought this phone because I need a new phone to replacing my O2 XPhone II which has problems with its keypad and battery.

Other reason why I bought this phone is because I need a phone that supports 3G or UMTS. I subscribed to XL Corporate in the middle of this month, which has feature of unlimited GPRS/3G data transfers.

After several days using Sony Ericsson K618i, I’m satisfied with it. K618i have a nice design, a light weight, it support 3G/UMTS and the best thing is it comes with all accessories you’ll need (hands free, cable data and PC software).

There is several things that I dislike from it though, it have a hard keypad which make my have feel tired if I send a long SMS. I can’t find how to configure K618i to show how much character I typed when I create a new message.


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