Problem Installing OSCommerce

I was trying to install OSCommerce on my laptop last Wednesday for a web shop project. I download the latest version of OSCommerce from their website here. The version that I downloaded is 2.2 MS 2.

I have Apache 2 web server, PHP 5 and MySQL 5 database server installed on my laptop, so I guess I’m ready to install OSCommerce. I’m totally wrong.. I read the installation guide and it seems so easy to install, you only need to point your browser to http://<domainname>/<oscommerce folder>/install/install.php

The installation page does shown but I can’t go to step 2 of the installation, it always come back to the first step although the URL already changed to http://localhost/oscommerce/install/install.php?step=2. I tried with different browser and even tried to install OSCommerce on Linux workstation, but all have the same result, I can’t go next to step 2.

I also try to install it manually by creating the database and manually editing the configuration files. OSCommerce does run but it’s broken on its administration panel. I can’t configure it or add items on its catalog.

Then I find more information on OSCommerce website, and here I found out that OSCommerce doesn’t support PHP 5! I download PHP 4 and Apache 1.3.37, install it and guess what? OSCommerce installed successfully through its installation script!


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