Failing RAID 1 HDD

Today I’m experiencing bad thing with RAID 1 HDD on one of RevTI servers. I’m ordering additional RAM for that server and got a very bad news from my administrator that the OS won’t boot after the RAM installed. DAMN!!

My admin said that the RAID causing problem which causes the OS didn’t load. He said that the system can’t recognize any OS inside the HDD, it’s just look like blank HDD.

I must act fast as I don’t want to disappoint my client, especially he is my friend too. So I tell my admin to load a new HDD and do fresh install OS so I can re-install the VPS and CPanel control panel in it.

It’s very strange that RAID failed so easily, I thought that this kind of problem (HDD failure) can be prevented by using RAID. It’s very ironic when the technology that should keep data intact is the cause of data loss.

Right now I’m keeping my eyes opened while waiting the compiling of all softwares needed finished. Its 3:30 in the morning right now, I guess I’ll not have a good night sleep for today.

I told my admin to keep checking the HDDs, if it still can be saved and used again (with data intact) so no data loss. Crossing my fingers now..


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